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Lavender & Honey Serenity Bundle

Melt into serenity and calmness with our Spa Ojai Lavender & Honey Serenity Bundle! With pure essential oil of Lavender, lavender flowers, honey, and rosemary extract our Lavender & Honey body line will create memorable moments of peace and comfort.

Set includes:

- Lavender & Honey Jojoba Lotion (8 oz.): Our Lavender & Honey Jojoba Body Lotion is deeply hydrating and absorbs easily into the skin. Naturally scented with pure botanicals, it is calming and soothing to body and mind.

- Lavender & Honey Shea Body Butter (8 oz.): Our Lavender & Honey Shea Body Butter is a rich, whipped cream to deeply moisturize skin. Made from pure plant butters, it nourishes and hydrates, leaving a silky soft feel.

- Lavender & Honey Sugar Scrub (8 oz.): Our Lavender & Honey Sugar Scrub is made with pure sugar drenched in aloe vera and glycerin to gently polish, condition and hydrate skin. Apply to the body with gentle circular strokes. Rinse with warm water and finish with an application of moisturizer for best results.

- Kuyam Mud Mask (4 oz.): Our Kuyam Mud Mask is made with pure desert clays and pure botanical extracts and essential oil blend of frankincense, vetiver and peppermint to cleanse and purify.